Mmocs - The Best Place To Buy CSR Racing 2 Gold

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Mmocs - The Best Place To Buy CSR Racing 2 Gold

Сообщение mmocs » 17 апр 2018, 09:34

CSR Racing 2 Gold When it debuted back in 2012 CSR Racing’s bite-sized bouts of drag racing were just the right amount of driving excitement for mobile gamers. CSR Racing 2 keeps the action brief but gives players a little more control over a lot prettier cars.

While games like Real Racing 3 and the Asphalt series aimed to bring the full racing experience to mobile phones and tablets NaturalMotion’s CSR Racing has focused on delivering tiny moments of greatness. Every race being a straight shot steering is never a concern. It’s about coming off the starting line just right and shifting at the perfect moment. If all goes well 10 to 15 seconds later the player’s got a bit more cash and a bit more rep.

CSR Racing 2 now available on iOS and Android CSR Racing 2 Cash delivers exactly that same experience only slightly better. The RPM meter has been tweaked giving players a green line to aim for the perfect start and shift. Cars can be tuned further tweaking tire pressure nitrous balance and gear ratios in order to get the most out of the 15 seconds or so your cars will be on the track during any given race.

See more of the CSR Racing 2 game details in https://www.mmocs.com/csr-racing2/ now.. all of you will get cheap CSR Racing 2 Gold from us!

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