Porsche recommended replacement tire

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Porsche recommended replacement tire

Сообщение timberjohn27 » 31 май 2018, 14:29


If you do not use a Porsche recommended replacement tire, make sure that you purchase your new tires from a reputable tire dealer and that the dealer complies with all manufacturers warnings for those tires.Only tires with the same manufacturer and with the same specification code (e.g. “N0”, “N1”…) should be mounted on the vehicle.Before mounting new tires, check with your Porsche dealer about the current release status.Tires should be replaced no less than on one axle at the time. Only tires of the same make and type must be used. Mixed tires are not permissible and will affect vehicle performance, safety, and can affect vehicle warranty.Porsche dealers can recommend the most current replacement tire options for your vehicle.Initially, new tires do not have their full traction.

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