10 interesting stories from the Ronaldo mouth

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10 interesting stories from the Ronaldo mouth

Сообщение soksophoan » 20 окт 2017, 23:41

Cristiano Ronaldo, star of the superstar of Real สโบเบ็ตMadrid, the giants of the Spanish La Liga, revealed the story. About his life in an interview with The Pirates of the Caribbean media, which featured several interesting issues. And today we will come up with 10 examples together.

1. Ronaldo used to play football on the road, with cars passing through.

2. Feeling good one day, mum and sisters came to see him play. Even though they do not like football at all.

At the age of 11, he was home sick. I have problems with training at Sporting Lisbon.

4. Feel yourself more special than anyone else at Sporting's Academy because people watch him very often.

5. Sneak out of the dorm to work out at the gym. สโบเบ็ต

6. His mother was stressed when he watched him play when Ronaldo was 17 years old until the doctor ordered her to take medicine. If you want to see the son show live footsteps.

7. On one day watching the Premier League game that Ronaldo shocked the game very quickly.

8. Having a first child with Real Madrid, it made his moment with. "White King" up to another.

9. Before each game, Ronaldo will take the paper with the message. "Children's Dream" put into shoes. And pick it up before the field. To remind him not to forget how to grow. And so he will continue to act with peace.

10. To take the son to walk around. After winning the UFC Champions League in 2016-17 is his most memorable.สโบเบ็ต

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